What is Livelifefolk?

A lifestyle site dedicated to things that inspire our restless souls.

Our raison d’etre is not clicking beautiful pictures, styling, or blatantly reviewing everything. We are here to be intrigued. We are enamored with the beauty of life and all the tiny details it has to offer, the chaos behind the creation of a beautiful dish, long narratives in a book, the simplicity in our surroundings, or the immaculate details that go behind branding of a product.

We like rustic. We find comfort in discomfort. We are not interested in merely living but in the art of living. We are beguiled with details. Aesthetically, we are minimalists and everything inspires us,  our work speaks for itself.

We love the light and think a lot about movement, shadows, layout and negative space when composing images.

That’s what you’ll find here: our travels and wanderings, our love for fashion and art, ramblings, soul food and simple gatherings, music, a myriad collection of books and poems we continuously devour and an intersection of culture. Sometimes there is beauty in chaos.

Palak and Chintan

Contact : hello@livelifefolk.com